November 23, 2014

The Stick of Truth - Working at Southpark

It was a unique and fun experience to work at Southpark for 8 months. Knowing the crazy reputation of the studio, I was intimidated to go in at first. Yes, I had to work on some unpleasant and provocative images for my taste, but overall, I enjoyed very much to learn and work with talented artists.

July 22, 2013

Project Agitate

Project Agitate was the name of an online newsletter that was created to arouse people's curiosity and help them to think about different issues of the world. My friend Nancy who was the part of the project at that time asked me to design the header of the newsletter. She wanted me to come up with different ideas that can portrait 'agitating a brain' with the similar style of Ray Lamontagne posters. Although the project never bloomed to the public, I still enjoyed the process of trying new look from my usual style. 

April 16, 2012

Luminaria (The commercial for American Cancer Society)

Click here to see Behind the scenes and the commercial of Luminaria

This was a short traditional animation project I did in January. My friend Court Lomax did the animation and I did clean-up. After the animation was done, they printed on each lunch bag and filmed it.

January 10, 2012

Redbull 2012

See the animation at Viva LA Resolution
Redbull Project I animated. My characters were...

The main flag girl
The stair girl
The crunch girl
The yoga girl
The guys with weights in the back

It took 3 animators to finish the page in 1 week. I hated the commute to Santa Monica but it was good to see my Calarts friends and work with them.

MSN Offers for Schools

Watch the full animation here. MSN

Within such a short period of time, we created something amazing! Although the working hours were crazy, it was still fun to animate the cute children and the crazy dad. ^^

January 9, 2012


Watch the full animation here. Sysphus

This piece played at the opening of the final day of the 2011 Malaria Forum where three hundred leading malaria scientists, global health leaders, policymakers, government officials and advocates gathered to discuss great strides in malaria control and address challenges that are impacting the long-term goal of eradication. I did two of the morphing scenes (the beginning and the middle) and helped animating crowds and clean-up. Directed by Brian Cobalt at Moving Colour studio in LA.

March 4, 2011

Dont' gotta work it out

Click here to see the full music video.

This music video was for Fitz and the Tantrums. Animation was done in flash and other 2D and 3D effects were added. Unfortunately, it stayed as unofficial but it was fun to work on a music video.

My scenes are..
'2nd round' - Character animation in 'the submarine' scenes
'Fighting scene'
'Beach scene' - Dancing couple

Die Mobiliar

Click here to see the work. Die Mobiliar: Schneemann

This commercial was for a life insurance company in Switzerland. It was done in Flash.

November 15, 2010

Emblem Health Insurance

I worked on this project last year with Champion studio. I did animation of the clumsy girl (2nd left) and some appearance of background.

November 9, 2010

OK Go 'Last Leaf'

Click Last Leaf to see the work.

This is official Music Video for OK Go's "Last Leaf". Directed by OK Go, Nadeem Mazen and Ali Mohammad Produced by Shirley Moyers Animation art by Geoff Mcfetridge, Champion Studio. This video was made through the partnership with Samsung NX100 iFn I've worked on some of the animation in Flash and composited some of the scenes in After Effects.

Trojan Family

Click USC to see the work.

This video was promotion for USC. I composited some of the scenes in After Effects, using various images. It was good camera-move exercise. Although I graduated from CalArts, I felt like I was a Trojan after the project. ^O^

Peachtree Settlement Funding

Click Peachtree to see the commercial.

This is a commercial I've worked in June and July at Yozux studio. I animated most of the dog and the dad animation. They were done in After Effects.

May 5, 2010


This is a pilot show under Fox TV. The animation is done in Maya with stop motion style. Although it never got to be on air, it was fun to animate each character.

Helen & Min

My Helen got married recently and this was a wedding present. (Sort of) The frog, of course, is the broom and the other frogs are his friends. They didn't fight over Helen, but just to make it more interesting....Helen's brother, Billy did the story and I did the rest except the song. Everything is done in flash.

Flash & After Effects Animation

These are Flash and After Effects animation that I did over the years.

Greedy eagle

This is from my 3rd year film. I had to do a lot of research on how eagles behave. I mean, A LOT.

Dialogue Tests


Kitty (1st yr film)

Although the animation isn't very good, I still like it because of the simplicity

1st year at Cal Arts

After digging through some of my old art works, I found my 1st year animation. They were shot in pencil test box, recorded in a VHS tape, then was transferred to computer. Ah~ memory. I didn't know what i was doing, but looking at them now, they are cute because of my immaturity.